Should I Mention This?

I will, because it will please Jane, anyway.

Someone over at Kendall Harmon’s blog pointed to a site that makes available the Bible Content exams that the Presbyterian Church administers as part of Ords (their answer to General Ordination Exams).

I won’t ask that anyone report a score — but it will reward seminarians (and clergy, and interested churchpeople, and cultural literacy types who don’t believe anything particular about Israel or Jesus) to give the test a few tries.

5 thoughts on “Should I Mention This?

  1. AKMA — I actually passed the 2005 test with 97%. However, before I was an Episcopalian, I was a Nazarene minister, so this may not be a fair comparison. However, I believe my children could pass this test, and will ask one of them to try.

  2. Of the sections I’ve completed thus far, my average is in the low 90’s; a deficit largely due to having a less than stellar grasp on biblical (especially Old Testament) geography. Knowing where things happen is not my strong suit.

    And yes, I do think this is cool.

  3. I thought this was cool too and posted a link from my site. 96%–what a relief to have gotten all of the Gospel questions right… 😉

  4. My 17-year-old daughter scored a 92% on the 2005 test. And this is for seminary students? Hmm…

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