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OK, so I read the Bill Gates memo to which Doc pointed, which Dave supplied, and the things that strikes me right away is: he refers to “over 92% of Fortune 100 companies.”

Now, I’m sure that people who know more than I do about both math and business read this blog, so permit me to ask, “If it’s more than 92% of the Fortune 100, isn’t it necessarily at least 93%? Are there actually 101 companies in the Fortune 100, or is Bill counting fractional use?”

1 thought on “Just a Detail

  1. The actual number of Fortune 100 companies using .Net is likely not known. He could have certain knowledge about 93, and indications about a few others and still be able to say “at least 92%”. If he only has certain knowledge about exactly 93 users, he can’t say “over 93%”.

    The statement itself is meaningless. I’m testing some third party software today which uses .Net. As a result my Fortune 100 employer is, as of Monday of this week “using .net”. But since the software is of such a specialized nature, that says nothing about the company having adopted it as a framework for in house development.

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