Our Traditional Thanksgiving

This afternoon, we’ll celebrate our traditional Thanksgiving family meal. Margaret and Pippa have been making mountains of enchiladas, bean dip, and various other yummy vegetarian delights; we’ll have pie and ice cream for dessert; and in a couple of minutes, we’ll fire up the CD player and listen to Arlo Guthrie sing “Alice’s Restaurant.”

Alice's Restaurant

PIppa has been so caught up in the excitement that she drew a poster of Alice’s Restaurant, complete with red VW microbus and a restaurant separate from the church (since, after all, Alice didn’t live in the restaurant, but in the church nearby the restaurant) and a doghouse for Sasha the dog.

It would be great if Nate and Jennifer and Juliet could be here — and grandparents, and aunts — but Si and Laura will gather round the fire with Margaret and Pip and me, and we’ll eat till we can’t hold another tortilla.

Oh, and one more thing — but I can’t tell you that yet.

2 thoughts on “Our Traditional Thanksgiving

  1. We listened to “Alice’s Restaurant” yesterday, too — I’m glad ours isn’t the only household where that’s a time-honored tradition. 🙂

  2. I, too, listened to “Alice’s Restaurant,” as well as William Burroughs’s “Thanksgiving Prayer.” Didn’t have a chance to watch the movie, though, as I usually do.

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