Moving Type

I’ve done some para-typographic work in my day, and have remained over-attentive to matters of type and page design. Thus I choke up with type-design exhilaration at the Year’s Best Type column. Some of these faces impress the daylights out of me. It would be great, for instance, if Seabury could change from Trajan to the finer, subtler Garda.

As Stephen Coles says in the introductory paragraph, “As public awareness of typography increases, it becomes even more important to use something other than the same old stuff that lingers in your font menu.” There’s no reason a school or a congregation can’t decide on a serif text face, a complementary sans-serif for headings and captions, and a display face for headlines (not that one might not ever deviate from them, but as a house rule for institutional printing). If expense is a concern, why not adopt Lido STF as a visibly distinct alternative to Times Roman? The Ascender Creativity Font Pack will cost only $20, but includes several very fine typefaces that distinguish one’s organization from every other place in the world that just uses the default typefaces that come with their system software. Better yet, hit a benefactor for a specific package.

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