Cool Toy

No, I’ not talking about the new Intel Macs — though they certainly seem to qualify, and Josiah has been moaning and panting ever since Steve Jobs announced the new MacBooks. I’m talking about this collection of photo templates to which Jordon pointed the other day.

While I was putting together the links for this post, I searched Flickr for images tagged “keynote,” thinking I might find a snappy image of King Steve hawking his wares, where I found this familiar profile. Was David Weinberger caught up in the Apple mania since his hesitant embarkation on the journey from Wintel to Apptel? No, but with a little jiggery-pokery from Flickr Toys, I can associate David with the exciting news from Cupertino. . . .

[Meanwhile, Jeneane caught the Flickr photo wherein Jennifer caught me singing while washing up the dinner dishes.)

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