So many comments that express ardent admiration for me, my writings, my site design, my dashing good looks, the contribution I make the the general welfare, and other glorious aspects of my online presence come with ulterior motives; occasionally I feel tempted to edit out the links or the salacious site names, and leave the comments that say, “Your site is so so so wonderful,” or “Lovely site!” or “I really enjoy your comments,” but the difficulty is that I’d still remember that I substituted the name “Wilberforce St. John Brathswaite” for [an explicit suggestion of some vigorous carnal activity], deleted the hyperlink to a gaming establishment, and that would ruin the effect.

Callow onlooker: “Is this a game of chance?”
W. C. Fields: “Not when I play it.”

3 thoughts on “Deflation

  1. I strongly recommend upgrading to MT 3.2; the included distributed anti-comment/trackback-spam plugins are working great for me, catching almost every single spam attempt without need for moderation on my part, and no false positives.

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