Reverse Tagging

Or “anticipated search terms” or something. I’m filling out the Author Information sheets from Fortress, and one of the things they ask is “Please list ten key words that will assist a customer when searching for your book on a web site. These ten key words should be different than the words found in the title and subtitle of your book” (that is, Faithful Interpretation: Reading the Bible In a Postmodern World). I’m also working on the fifty-word summary of the two hundred pages worth of careful argumentation I’ve put together over the past fifteen years or so of writing.

It’s great that they’re thinking in these terms (though I’d have written “different from the words”). But since the terms “interpretation,” “bible,” and “postmodern” are already there in the title/subtitle combination, I’m having a hard time coming up with ten other possible searches for which Fortress might want to buy ad space. You, dear readers, have slogged through several of the essays as I churned through them, and you know the kinds of thing I’m liable to say; anything come to your minds?

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2 thoughts on “Reverse Tagging

  1. Well, it’s a book of distinct essays, so you might consider picking a term or two for each of them. “Imitation” for “Walk This Way,” “sexuality” or “constancy” for “Disciples Together, Constantly” – those sorts of things. I’m not sure what you would use for the book as a whole that’s not already in the title, although “hermeneutics” seems like a logical possibility.

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