Week End Update

The friendly manager of CVS exchanged my dysfunctional beard trimmer for one that turns out to work just fine, and I am no longer threatening to be mistaken for a member of ZZ Top.

Pride In The Name Of Family

It’s all pretty much confirmed — Nate will graduate from Eastman School of Music in a couple of weeks, magna cum laude, and after finishing his thesis (on Steve Reich and minimalism) will move from Rochester to Ann Arbor, where he has accepted a Regents Fellowship to study music theory in the doctoral program at the University of Michigan. We’re monstrously proud of him, as of all our children, and thrilled that doing the things he loves is working out so well for him. <parents phosphoresce with delight>

9 thoughts on “Week End Update

  1. Congratulations to him and to you and Margaret. What a fine family tradition of learning and “giving back” via grace and the graces.

  2. Good stuff. I’ve had a number of connections at both of those schools from time to time. Going to a school with a good music program in W New York (Houghton College) I heard plenty about Eastman.

    Also, one of my old high school classmates did a masters in music performance at Michigan and now has a good symphony job, so I guess its a pretty decent school too 🙂

    You’ll enjoy visiting Ann Arbor. I tell people here in NC that’s it’s a bit like having Durham and Chapel Hill mixed together.

  3. Congratulations to your talented son. As a graduate (albeit not in music) of the University of Michigan, I can say that Michigan now has probably the “hottest” music school in the country, at least for composition. It has always been a great performance school, but with William Bolcom and Bright Sheng on the faculty, it is the “go to” school for young and talented theoriticians. Like Nate.

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