Definition of “Fantasy”

Somehow my fantasy baseball team has fallen into contention this summer. It started out as haplessly as ever; I might as well have named my team “It proves that theory bears no relation to practice, because AKMA used to study baseball till his brains leaked out his ears, and his fantasy league team is still in last place.” But about two months into the season, my team started playing less badly, and then less badly still, and the past few days it has been playing so very non-badly that they’re in first place.

I’m at a loss to explain this phenomenon, especially since I’ve paid less attention to my tea this summer than any other time I’ve played. Still, as Labor Day approaches, my fantasy league team is clinging to first place, and I’m afraid to pay any more attention to it lest I disrupt whatever it is that’s been converging on my team’s behalf. . . .

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