This Is Not What They Mean By “Convergence”

So, by apparent coincidence, Chris sent me an email the other day calling my attention to “Armor of God Pajamas,” just a couple of days after Mother Jeanette DeFriest preached about those very pjs at St. Luke’ on Sunday. That reminded me that someone had asked that I put up a pointer to the recording of my sermon from the week before, so here that is. That, in turn, reminded me that my voice also recently appeared online in a very different setting. That, in a turn that brings us almost full circle, reminds me that while Nick Janus and I were conversing about life, the universe, and everything this afternoon in Azeroth, we fell into a discussion of Mother DeFriest, and what kind of character she might play if she took an interest in Warcraft.

Web 2.0?

3 thoughts on “This Is <em>Not</em> What They Mean By “Convergence”

  1. Any chance you can put the text version of that superb sermon on here? I’ve fallen for it ..

    I first said that to you Sept 10, 1978–before you knew I planned to make a habit out of it. Now you know, I guess. Here’s to you on your latest birthday, to our first 28 years together, and to many many more to come.
    all my love, Margaret

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