Till We Meet Again

I had to say goodbye to Margaret this morning, and won’t be catching up with her for another five weeks — so in her honor, I’m posting this picture.


We were headed to our neighborhood gelato establishment (of which Margaret and Pippa have become enamored), and the minute Margaret saw this sign, she asked “Why do you have a twelve-hour parking restriction in a lot that where you only enforce the restriction for nine hours?” I had passed the sign any number of times, but never did the math.

1 thought on “Till We Meet Again

  1. I would imagine that the restriction is to keep folks (most notably college students with insufficient parking near dorm or apt.) from leaving their cars in the lot overnight/long-term. The limit would apply around the clock, though only during the posted hours would someone check vehicles that haven’t been moved in a while.

    Still, Margaret is right, of course– it sounds very odd.

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