Bag On!

In honor of Margaret’s impending return to the family home from her (congenial) exile in North Carolina, I’m pointing today to a favorite song of our family. The Abe Lincoln Story (watch out for annoying Flash pop-up), Silverlake’s premiere swing punk soul band, performs a song entitled “I Don’t Need a Bag,” protesting the hyperbolic overpackaging of America’s groceries. (I’m listed as its only fan on

It’s not only witty, but catchy and impressively-played as well; it reminds me of the early, jazzy phase of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention (though with safe-for-work lyrics, in this case at least). The website suggests that they offer free downloads, but I don’t see any — just gird up your loins for some Flash, start the jukebox, and select “I Don’t Need a Bag (Live at KXLU).” And just you try not to think about it next time you go to the store.

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