Dog-Eared Corner

I noted a heap of ideas for blogging yesterday on various scraps of paper — one in particular, for which my working title is “excremental semiotics,” will surely come to expression here sometime — but first I have to acknowledge the care with which Tom Matrullo read Faithful Interpretation. He gives the sort of kindly attentive and geenrous account of the book for which a writer (especially one whose efforts to think hard thoughts doesn’t always, as Frank points out, come to lucid expression) can only shout, “Hallelujah! Amen!” Not only does Tom make a marvelously helpful case for the book as a whole, but ha also gently offers to dry my socks by bringing my stocking feet closer to the fire of his critical interrogation. I promise to address your questions directly, Tom, but (for very much more than just a glowing review) I must above all else say, “Thank you, Tom, very very much.”

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