I just finished a long audio conversation with David Weinberger about my recent book and some of the interpretive problems it brings to the foreground. David wanted to capture me in an interview that he could whip into shape and post as a podcast. Several days ago he tipped me off to some of the questions he might ask, so I spent a lot of the past forty-eight hours racking my brain for ways I could compress ideas that I articulated over hundreds of pages into a few minutes of conversation. Talking with David, especially with so intense a preparatory process, sets my brain a-whizzing, so now I’ll be wired for hours.

I’m not sure how well I did for him — David, ever the gracious interlocutor, assured me that it went fine — but the exercise of thinking it out gave me a great opportunity (or “necessity”) to distill my arguments into a few words. I’ll point to the podcast when David lets it loose.

As a side benefit of our talk, I now have a Skype account, and if you want to Skype me (that sounds a more hostile act than it should), just look for “akmadam.” I probably won’t leave Skype online all the time, though — you may need to call me to induce me to boot it up. I’m old-fashioned that way.

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