Sweet Thirteen

Today is my unschooled daughter’s birthday; Pippa’s thirteen years old today, and getting more wonderful, more beautiful, every day. We’re going out to dinner in a few minutes with our friend Ellen, and I’ll have to work pretty hard not to spend the whole time beaming and boasting about her my daughter. [How cool is this? Pippa spotted my ambiguous pronoun: “Beaming about me or Ellen?”]

October 15, 2006 -- After

Meanwhile, Doc added a kind note about un- and home- schooling. I deeply admire the work that dedicated, under-appreciated schoolteachers do — nonetheless, Margaret and I anticipated that the best alternative for Nate and Si and Pippa was to learn at home on a student-led basis. So far, that judgment has been borne out.

On a different front, three fantastically kind friends have agreed to write last-moment recommendation letters for a big-deal grant to support my unpaid months at the Center of Theological Inquiry. Two other applications in the next few weeks, then waiting to hear. . . .

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