Yesterday, Margaret took her last class in her doctoral program (well, OK, it was a meeting with her independent study professor — but it was course credit, she turned in her assignment, and she’s done). She has only two steps, now, to completing her work. They’re big steps — exams and dissertation — but there’re still only two plateaus (plateaux?) before she’s through.

And today makes the twentieth year since I was ordained a priest. That sounds like a long time; it feels as though it’s passed in the blink of an eye. Frustrating as many aspects of church life are at the moment (and just now, seminary life too), I see more clearly every day that this vocation fits me. As I’ve said before, so I repeat now: thank you. It’ a humbling honor to be a priest among you.

Chris said:

Congratulations to Margaret and you. It was a pleasure meeting both of you in DC last month.

Happy Holidays.


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