OK, I said I wasn’t going to devote more energy searching for the Ray Charles appearance on Saturday Night Live, since the relevant parties were energetically preventing me from showing it to Pippa. I was wrong, though; it occurred to me, in my preparations for tomorrow morning’s class, that the “Young Caucasians” sketch would get at the precise topic I’m concerned with. So I renewed my efforts to track down those five minutes of performance.

It turns out that the Saturday Night people have repackaged various segments from their archives in a haphazard, unsystematic way. It’s exceptionally difficult to determine which of the repackages include which sketch or performance. It seems likely from the metadata, though, that the Young Caucasians appear on the first disk of the 25 Years of Music compilation. After extensive phone-calling and basement searching, though (I remembered that somewhere we have an audiocassette of that segment, which I could have played as a substitute, if only I’d been able to find it), it turns out that that item can’t be obtained in Evanston on short notice. Grrrr.

(Found it. I think this meets the requirements for demonstrating wat a stubborn cuss I am; we won’t calculate how many pages of Google search results I combed through to reach this. Also submitted for your consideration: “Hit the Road, Jack” and three performances of “What’d I Say?”)

Micah said:

Excellent! I love this sketch more and more every time I see it. Thanks for finding it for us. And in case there is anyone left in America that hasn’t heard Jonathan Coulton’s version of “Baby Got Back…” check it out.

To which I can only respond: Dude, you must know better than to argue with Laura!

Trevor says:

dude, knowing you would search for this i spent some time while watching t.v. searching for it myself. I spent about 30 minutes looking. i’m pretty good at finding things. you are better; but this still took at least 2 hours! imagine if you hadn’t found it!!

I would have withered up and died at my terminal, screening the 234.813rd screen of Google results for “Young Caucasians.”

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