Returns, Diminishing

The household population is shrinking again. Nate left Saturday; Si left for a week on Sunday (he’ll be back for another two weeks in a while); Mile left yesterday; Jennifer and Margaret leave tomorrow. It’s been an intense interval; eight people make a whole lot more dishes than two, especially when you throw in higher-profile menus and holiday baking. And the emotional wash has drained me.

But hey, jolly, classes are about to resume, I have more administrative responsibility than fall term, and have made little progress on my writing projects (including an essay I’d forgotten I had agreed to). Who has time to be burned out?

Oh, and I’m keeping a cold at bay.

By the way, Microsoft did not pick up on my obvious Blogarian masculinity to offer me a Vista-equipped laptop. This was a big mistake for them, since I won’t have even a vague acquaintance with Vista otherwise. If Ray Ozzie and Jon Udell want to correct their oversight and send me a Ferrari, I’m easy to find. Just saying. . . .

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