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Doc points us to various links relative to the “Countries, Cultures, Communication: Digital Innovation at UCLA” colloqium. It sounds like a brain-jolting treat, especially the keynote by Willard McCarty that Doc cites (PDF, and accompanying PowerPoint slides; I sure wish they made it available as web-native media).

Granted that PDF makes Dorothea’s hackles hack, note how much better use McCarty makes of that format than does the U.K. College of Preachers’ “What Did You Make Of Your Sermon?”. My eyes still hurt from looking at that.

[Side note, evidence that my work as a parent is nearing completion: This afternoon, Pippa on her own initiative picked out and put on the CD player the family’s copy of Who’s Next, and even turned it up a little. This conveys a strong sense of accomplishment, and delights me (of course), but also makes me feel rather old.]

Daryl says:

OK, while I have held you in high regard for some time… having read your blog for the last number of years… trying to keep up with much of your thinking… now I know the Adam family puts things to rights… I am moved to comment.

My eldest, at 11 years, has taken to my Midnight Oil collection and listens to Bach organ works regularly, but I long for the day when he winds up Who’s Next. I can’t expect he will have the musical epiphany I had the first time I heard “Won’t get fooled again” on my little clock radio, but I hope he can be suitably moved.

I expect your next writing to be on parenting. Faithful Interpretation, indeed.

Good show AKMA.


Darryl Neustaedter Barg
Director of Media Ministries
Mennonite Church Manitoba

[Thanks, Daryl! Later in the same day, she put on Let It Bleed — so my joy, as Scripture saith, was fulfilled. In subsequent days she’s been playing Beggar’s Banquet and Greetings From Asbury Park. And she has all along been an ardent listener to Motown.

I first “discovered” popular music when I changed the station on the old Emerson portable that my dad handed down to me away from a Pirates game on KDKA, and I heard some wonderful, marvelous, intoxicating music. I didn’t learn for a month or six weeks that I was listening to the wrong station, WAMO, the soul station. I gave in to peer pressure and tuned in KQV, the pop station, and started listening to both, but I’ll always remember the feeling of having discovered something for myself, thrilling and wondrous, and it rocked!]

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