Lame Game v. AKMA

From CatandGirl:

Witness Protection Program Name = “Andrew Camera”

Punk Rock Name = “Andrew Lecturing” (?) (or “Intertwingling”?)

Prime Minister of India Name = “Andrew Gandhi” (Like Cat, I prefer the slant-rhyming “Nehru”)

Singer-Songwriter Name = “Mehershalalhashbaz Boston”

Science Fiction Name = “B. V. D. L. L. Bean”

Trust Fund Name = “Margaret LloydAppleton” (sadly, no Roman numerals) (I wish Shirley Chisholm had been a senator, and Paul Wellstone would have been more gender-appropriate)

But everyone calls me “AKMA.” (But “Basil” would be my favorite seasoning, and would call to mind the hero of Fawlty Towers.)

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