Last Five

OK, Michael wants to know “the last five songs I bought on iTunes,” which I will willfully redirect to “the last five songs I bought online.” Since I buy from lots of different online music vendors, restricting my answers to iTunes would I’ll also count only one song from the Music From the Court of Henry VIII album that I bought yesterday from Amazon, because Hey, that’s not what you want to find out about me by asking.

So, herewith:

“Helas Madame” by Trinity Baroque et al., Music From the Court of Henry VIII
“Meditation,” by Booker T and the MGs, Best of. . . . (based on Scott’s recommendation)
Hmmmm. . . .
“Joe Peet Is In The Bed,” Rockin’ Sidney, My Toot Toot
“Down On Me,” Eddie Head and His Family, American Primitive Vol. 1: Raw Gospel (and the rest of this essential album)
“Make Them Dance,” Defunkt, Defunkt

also recently a few missing Kinks songs, some Lou Reed, two recent Proclaimers albums, the new Lyle Lovett, and I’m nigh onto buying the recent Rickie Lee Jones album Sermon on Exposition Boulevard. And the new Bruce Springsteen single when it was first released, since Jennifer gave tickets to the fall tour to Margaret and me for our anniversary.

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