Stepping Back

I think I’m going to step out and change from Moveable Type to Blogger. If I had the time and energy, I’d rather use WordPress and host the engine as well as the pages — but the lesson of my last few years running MT has been that if I don’t feel determined enough to maintain it, I shouldn’t install it. I’ve been sticking with MT through the comment-spam phase and the subsequent no-commentts phase, but I’d like to get back to welcoming comments. I ran Blogger for the Beautiful Theology blog, and am comfortable with it; I am not wild about captchas, but the corporate heft of Blogger/Google provides the capacity for disability-aware alternatives to the visual captchas. I wanted to investigate making a simple question-and-answer challenge for my MT comments page — my page is low-profile enough that there’s no percentage in devoting brainpower or computer cycles to defeating something as simple as “What is AKMA’s last name?” or “What kind of thoughts is this blog named after?” But I never got around to it, and the prospect of upgrading MT has been daunting me for months now.

Using Blogger will solve about twelve problems at once. I think that’s enough to overcome my residual personal loyalty to Ben and Mena. I’m still very fond of them, but I’m no longer in MT’s core constituency.

Whoa! You might think I had said I was about to buy a PC!

Am entertaining second thoughts, impelled by urgent feedback from trusted friends.

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