Stockpiled Stromateis

  • I have enjoyed Stephen Fry’s work in various contexts; it’s now my delight to enjoy reading his blog., and not only because he slags “Dan Whatsit” and his “preposterously awful” book The Leonardo Code. And now I know many things not to say if I ever meet Stephen Fry.
    His paragraph, far down the column, on receiving compliments is highly pertinent; I am very maladroit at accepting compliments, and I have been trying to manage better when people say kind things about me.
  • A link in Fry’s blog sent me to the bibliography of Dornford Yates, which informs me about quite-possibly delightful novels and a series of exquisite cover designs.
  • I’m gearing up to write something about the Anglican brouhaha, but my higher faculties are unwaveringly fixed on finishing the technology article (which is coming around slowly but nicely, if I do say so myself). In the meantime, I appreciated Jason Byassee’s article in the Century, and the group blog over at Covenant.
  • Posts at (and linking to) Dan Wallace on “Pauline Scatology” and Tall Skinny Kiwi on Bad Language have generated interesting conversation.
  • Resources: Biblical Studies Bulletin 43 quotes something I wrote about Dan Whatsis as their “quote of the month” for March (yes, I’m slow): “The staggering popular phenomenon of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code testifies to the level of success that academic interpretive authority brings to bear on egregiously misleading interpretive claims: none at all.” I didn’t remember saying that, and it’s surely an overstatement, but I’ll stand by it as a bit of rhetoric.
  • I have a stored-up photo blog about a once-in-my-lifetime culinary experience, but I don’t have time to post it right now.

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