The Whole Schmeer

I’ve added the whole series of performance video clips from the Desperate Measures show last Friday. In case anyone prefers not to navigate over to YouTube to select performance clips one by one, I’ll paste in the embedded frames in the extended part of this post. I have a fair amount to learn about video editing, but at least now I know more about what I don’t yet know.

For viewers unacquainted with my family, Josiah is the tall young man in the black suit with an orange shirt.

I Can See Clearly Now


King of Spain

Save Tonight

Zombie Jamboree

Good Old A Capella

Happy Birthday to Pippa

In the End


Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Snakes On a Plane

Title of the Song

All You Need Is Love

4 thoughts on “The Whole Schmeer

  1. Wonderful, I enjoyed the whole set here tonight! Torn, Save Tonight, All You Need Is Love, what great arrangements! But I have to say I was really moved and surprised to hear such a brilliant version of Brick, one of my all-time favorite tunes.

  2. Well, that was fun. Thanks ever so much for posting these. We wished mightily that we could have been there in person, but this way I got a taste of the wonderful evening. I can fully understand why you are so very proud of Si. We are as well.

  3. Carol, we can make you a disk of the complete concert — I’ll try to make sure Si has one for you when next he visits.

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