Pens, Hands, and Email

I innocently asked Emory for his perspective on increasing my organization and productivity, and he sent me to his White Paper on Productivity (I think I have some white paper that says something about productivity; it’s probably over there, under the goldenrod paper, by the empty coffee cup). While I was supposed to be learning how to be more productive, I fell under the spell of web pen porn. How can anyone concentrate on work, when you can spend all day ogling fountain pens?
Si’s tendinitis is acting up, which reminded me that I was diagnosed with hypermobility and de Quervain’s almost four years ago. When I read some of what I blogged before treatment, I realize that immobilizing my thumb and taking particular care of how I use it really have affected my condition. The thumb hardly ever hurts, and when some circumstantial effect triggers a flash of sensation, it’s more surprising than painful. So that’s a good thing.
Finally, in the transition to Leopard and my hand-wrought file transfer process, my mailboxes got a little jumbled. That’s not a big deal to the extent that I can dig stuff up through the “search” function of, but it means that my Inbox has just been emptied willy-nilly, meaning that I have unintentionally declared email bankruptcy. Let’s see how long I can go before I fall back into debt.

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