I’ve gotten some challenging news over the past few weeks, so I cling to small pleasures where I can find them. This morning’s small pleasure actually solves, elegantly, a problem I’ve bemoaned here several times. (I appreciate your indulgence in tolerating my persistent concern over a design vexation.)
Cheap Impostor, my favorite among page-imposition programs, has at last released a version that resolves the two-up PDF problem for printed matter that doesn’t need imposition (re-ordering pages to accommodate folding pages into a booklet). From today on, I can use my half-page page size, print to PDF, and use Cheap Impostor to format the resulting file for consecutive-page two-up printing, without the excessive margins that Apple’s print routine adds. Moreover, Cheap Impostor includes controls for adjusting the text block’s position on the page and the relative size of the block. It’s ecstasy, of a print-geeky type.
Cheap Impostor is shareware, but I happily paid the registration fee for an earlier version and now even more emphatically endorse the latest iteration of this intensely useful application.

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