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Not politically progressive, but I’ll just put notes in here as I observe stuff at F2C. Right now, Micah Sifry is announcing an initiative to get legislation onto the Web before it’s enacted.
The panel is interesting and impressive — Micah, Alec Ross, Matt Stoller, and especially Donna Edwards. They’re good-hearted, well-intentioned, alert participants in a weighty discussion.
By the way, I got my “it’ll all work out” count down to about 484 last night; I am sure Margaret’s job will work out just fine (483).
Lunch boxes from Whole Foods = teh nutritious. David I. threw me a t-shirt with a quotation from Thich Nhat Hanh; this happens, when the conference organizer knows you’re a theologian.
Afternoon session on Open Fiber, featuring Dirk van der Woude, John St. Julien, Adam Peake, Tim Nulty — moderated by Jim Baller. The topic is intensely important and intriguing, but the presentations fall somewhat short of vibrant. Plus, the roomful of geeks has overloaded the wireless network, so the backchannel and web access are molasses-slow.
Intriguing session this afternoon led by Rich Miner of Google’s Android project; Michael Calabrese, Director of Wireless Futures; Richard Whitt; and Brett Glass of Lariat, the first wireless broadband provider.

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