Two Unrelated Things

First, Margaret keeps wondering whether her job [prospect] will work out. She asked, “If you tell me 500 times, will it be true?” So far, I’ve worked down to 487, but it’s only been two days. I’ll count this as knocking it down to 486: “It will work out, and it’s great, I’m very proud of you, sweetheart.”
Second, Bruce pointed to Cringely’s follow-up to his post on the pivotal change in “learning” that we’re about to confront. As with last week’s, I don’t agree with all this particular observations, but in his favor (a) he warns against assuming we know what’s coming down the pike at us, and (b) he is at least wrassling with the unknowable intricacies of the future, rather than insisting shrilly that the structures developed over the past hundred or so years must determine the next hundred.

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