Weekday Update

The plateaus between valleys of sadness are getting longer. These are not the high ground of joy and gladness, but they’re navigable terrain with occasional sloughs of despond. We have generous friends and relatives keeping us keeping on.
Among our friends at the Center we number Nico Koopman, who has given me a new nickname (for the first time since college, really). Evidently “AKMA” wasn’t short enough for Nico, so he calls me “Aks” or “Ax” ( aural evidence doesn’t give me a basis to discern which). This interjects an odd delight into my day, for which I give thanks.

7 thoughts on “Weekday Update

  1. i like it, ax. i like it a lot!

    as for the plateaus, they will endure and then, longer than you ever expect it will take, they eventually even out into the great plains. all you can do until then is keep on for, of course, there is no other option. let it all wash, axe; it will all come out clean again.

  2. As I say, they tickle me, partly because I’m amused that “AKMA” might generate a metanickname, and partly because I’ve always appreciated the ancient tradition of assigning prominent theologians descriptive nicknames (Gregory the Wonderworker, Peter Comestor (=”Eater”) and so on.

  3. Dear Ax, A similar thing happened to me when someone left out a few letters in the middle of my nickname and called me “Rain.” I liked it, too.

  4. Aks, I love this. I’ve always grappled with AKMA. My family is big on nicknames and cognomens, and they constantly evolve.

    Ax, Axe, or Aks… next step be chopper!

    But seriously, I think I’ll call you Aks too, if you don’t mind.

  5. If only I knew how to spell it! I guess this might be a Derridean nickname, the precise spelling and significance of which depend on the speaker/hearer, always deferred.

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