Down Day

There are lots of reasons I oughtn’t to say much about looking for work — so I won’t. I have been the addressee of a number of deeply touching letters, emails, and visits, for all of which I’m intensely thankful. I struggle with the up-in-the-air-ness of the job scene, but that may clarify itself in the next week or so. In the meantime, please forgive me if occasionally the clouds obscure the sunshine around here.

3 thoughts on “Down Day

  1. you have always been a ray of sunshine in my book, and your ministry will continue to impress and inspire. from where i sit, i only look forward to whatever wonderful things your next posting will produce for the church.

    of course, that isn’t intended as any diminishment of the uncertainty and loss here; and you and your colleagues have been in my prayers since i first heard the bad news.

  2. We were talking last night with some colleagues in transition about how difficult it is to maintain the necessary confidence to conduct an effective job search during those rough patches that inevitably come along in a career. And of course those are precisely the times one needs the most confidence and resilience. During the conversation I thought of you and Margaret. As summer approaches, I can’t imagine how unsettling the not-knowing must be. You are daily in my prayers.

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