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Here is the family as we gathered at dinner yesterday evening. Susan’s brother Dave brought his wife Sandi; my cousin Alison came from Massachusetts, as did Aunt Carol; Uncle Rich and Aunt Kaye, from New Mexico; Susan, her son Brad, and Matt O’Riley live in Pittsburgh; and our far-flung offspring. Mom was there in her heart, and ours; and Dad will always be with us.

Dad's Family

Everyone’s dispersing now; Pippa and Margaret and I will see how far we get to Evanston this afternoon, with no pressure to push all the way.
(Later: Arrived in Maumee, Ohio. Evanston tomorrow!)

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  1. Nice picture. I need a “row seated left to right” and “row standing, left to right.” I keep trying to guess on those I either don’t know or haven’t seen in a dog’s age! Ali called and said the service was lovely.

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