Back Safe, On To Next Voyage

We had a delightful evening in Baltimore with friends from the Loyola College theology faculty. The trip south was marred by brutal traffic congestion (crossed with our car’s decrepit air conditioning unit), but all turned out marvelously. During our preparations we encountered the following sidebar notice from the National Enquirer:

News Flash

No, we weren’t concerned about Kirstie Alley or Cher or Kenny Chesney; we were intrigued by the “World’s Only Church For Dogs.” You may discuss among yourselves the problems, implications, hypotheticals, and ecumenical conundrums that such a claim might inspire.
We were in Balto to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve with colleagues. Melinda even arranged for us to read from Midsummer Night’s Dream (she cast Margaret as Quince, and guess who as Bottom!) — but although the Fowls had laid a fire in the lawn, they did not expect us to jump over any flames.

Better Than Old Age

We just grabbed the above in honor of Chris “Mystic Bourgeoisie” Locke.
And speaking of Cluetrainers, we’ve been praying for Doc over the past week or so, as he’s endured a sequence of medical complications that got started from a relatively routine examination of his pancreas. It sounds as though Doc’s coming out of the hospital soon — got to make room for the people who are really sick, he says — and that’s very good news for a very good guy (and his family). Still, we won’t let up until he’s out and on the loose again. Take care, Doc, and get well soon!

2 thoughts on “Back Safe, On To Next Voyage

  1. Hey! thanks for the pic, dude. (only I actually like those Vitamin Water things in the right foreground top shelf. perhaps I need to reevaluate.)

  2. They really have a church for dogs…. do the dogs pay tithes too? Are your gifts tax deductible like in the states to this church?

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