Herd ’Em Up

Move ’em out:

Movin' Out

The crew is mostly done loading up the big U-Haul (bigger than we needed, but an appropriate estimate to have been on the safe side); we’ve arranged to leave various appliances behind; we’ll pick up Phil this evening at about 7; and after that (and after an intermission of a week or two), we will begin the new Durham chapter of family life.
[Later: It’s all loaded. I had estimated well on labor time, but underestimated the materials, so the tab ran higher than I expected — but amply worth it to get the work done professionally.]

3 thoughts on “Herd ’Em Up

  1. May you flaten all your boxes at the other end of your move, with no cut fingers. Safe travels, and we’ll miss you!

  2. In some ways, this photo seems to be the perfect icon for SWTS.

    Blessings for a happy, healthy and productive future.

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