Packing In Princeton

Not content with relocating from Evanston to Durham, Margaret and I are now (with Jennifer’s generous assistance) getting set to relocate from Princeton to Durham, too. We’ve gotten much of the Princeton-stuff into the rental van, and we’ll make this move sometime tomorrow.
Of course, that’s not the end of the story; we’ll stop back in Princeton for a few days next week, and we have to go to Maine to fetch our young one — but every stage gets us a little closer to done.
We did bring Beatrice back from the animal hospital last night. You”d never guess from her behavior that anything was wrong at all. The vets suggested that they emetic got the gum out of her system fast enough, but I just think she’s got a streak of supernatural durability in her: Beatrice, the Rasputin of Bichon Frisés.

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