Status Report

The unloading crew arrived right on time this morning (on the early side, which turned out to be a good thing since hauling book boxes in high heat is non-fun). The neighbors are divinitarian types; one will be entering Duke Divinity, one will be working at an in-town ministry center. The unloaders toted everything that had been on the U-Haul into the new home, filling it tight with packaged possessions. Margaret and I returned the U-Haul (no extra charges, hurray!) and got the air conditioning in the Subaru recharged in anticipation of a toasty drive back to Princeton tomorrow. Then we rewarded ourselves with an exciting, but morally problematic, suspense movie, Wanted.
I’ll post an “after” picture later this afternoon, when we put the last few boxes from the car into the house. we’re tired, relieved, full of popcorn, and gearing up for our next adventure.



3 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. Congrats on closing out that last connection, and doing it without late fees to boot!

    Question: Is Wanted worth $8 in the theaters? I assume the moral issues have to do with assassination?

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