Lassie, Come Home!

The drive from Lawn Guyland to Baltimore was interrupted by a nasty traffic jam on the Jersey Pike, slowing us down considerably (we travelled about eleven miles in an hour of stop-and-go driving), but we travelled smoothly the rest of the way and pulled into Baltimore a while ago. We were cramped up from being squeezed into the car for hours, so Melinda suggested a nice walk in the woods adjacent to their house.
That sounded good to all of us, so we headed out along the path that leads along Gunpowder Falls and its tributary creek, Pippa and Melinda in the lead, Margaret and Steve and I following. After we got more than halfway in and looped back to our starting-point, I picked up the pace to walk with Melinda, and Pip bounced ahead of us like the Tigger she resembles in energy reserves and leg strength.
After a quarter mile or so, we lost sight of Pippa — who, presumably, had sprinted ahead of us to spring out from concealment and surprise us. We called a couple of times, but received no answer (which tended to confirm our suspicion that she was either hiding or hurrying home ahead of us. Alas, when we got back to Chateau Fowl, Pippa was not there.
So with a father’s determined energy, I jogged back into the forest, accompanied by Melinda. I’d holler “PIPPA!” every minute or two, but only chirping birds and scuttling squirrels responded. At length, I thought I heard PIppa’s distinctive loon call, and when I shouted that we were coming, she answered “I’m here!” We connected in just a couple of minutes, and got back home safely before dark. No injuries, no panic, just a short interval of active concern.
On the original part of the walk, I told Meilnda how good it feels to stretch out my Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. This was true, and my foot and heel have in general been bothering me a great deal less since I started stretching them frequently during the day (and taking naproxen once or twice a day). Right about now, though, my foot hurts a bit, and I could use a shower. Which I think I’ll take.
On the other hand, our little lassie is home safely, without damage and without having to call out the rescue squad. She who once was lost, now is found. Thanks be to God!

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