This Is The Story

This morning I brought Margaret to RDU for her first flight to Baltimore as a member of the Loyola faculty. Although her plane was delayed, everything worked out fine, and I got back in plenty of time to take Pippa for morning services at Duke Chapel.
After a brief midday break, we headed out to The Streets at Southpoint. Our main objective was to drop off my notebook computer for repairs, but Pippa had ideas of her own. When we arrived (early), Pippa spotted a couple of end-of-summer sales on the sort of light clothing she had less call to select in the frozen Northland. I, meanwhile, headed for the Apple Store to make my appointment with Technical Destiny.
At precisely four o’clock, the Apple Genius called for the next Mac appointment. I plopped my beleaguered MacBook Pro on the counter and pointed him to the case numbers, adding my mysterious magenta-corner problem. He was initially confident that I had a battery problem, then considered a possible problem with the hard drive, but when he heard about the magenta corners his eyebrows rose rapidly. “This should be an interesting repair. I hope I get it!” After shifting his attention from the hard drive to the logic board, he suggested that the hard drive was fine — so I pointed out the results from a SMART test that said my hard drive was “Failing.”
His off-the-cuff diagnostic involved a replacement battery, a replacement hard drive, and a replacement logic board. I proposed that they simplify life and just give me a whole new computer, but we all know that’s unlikely. No matter — with as many replacement parts as he’s likely to install, my MacBook should be as good as new toward the end of the week.

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