Bad Car!

The Subaru will take — at an estimate — $2000 to rehabilitate the engine, plus money for the electrical system. We’re trying to figure out whether we’d buy our car for $3500 (or so, counting rental and miscellaneous), or whether we should pony up to get a car made in this century, all the while needing the car to get to and from airport and art center on a near-daily basis.
[Update: Margaret and I decided that the circumstances required action, and the most cautious course of action seemed to us to be renting a car for a month. That gives us time to get the car fixed, if we so choose, or to take the time to pick a different car without being rushed.]

8 thoughts on “Bad Car!

  1. It’s a ’96 Legacy Outback, with — as best I recollect — about 117K miles. Navy Blue, with the front grill missing and electrical problems (the driver’s side headlight has a short or some other defect).

  2. It sounds as if it is time to give it a decent burial, I’m sorry to say.

    Unfortunately, smaller new cars and used cars have increased in their monetary value in the market place as folks downsize their autos.

    I wish you the best as you live through this problem.


  3. it seems to me that we are rapidly approaching the time when buying much of anything will be pretty difficult. that said, if you can buy a car now you might be well advised to do so. one that can weather the next decade, say?

  4. Travis, I put America first and my own aspirations second — so for the sake of the country, Margaret and I obtained a Chevy HHR for a month. It’s a little like driving a cave; we’re used to a higher proportion of glass to structural metal. But it runs like a dream, and we’ll take advantage of the month to deliberate about what to do next.

    E, we were musing that a downturn in the auto market might be advantageous for us, but I haven’t noticed any sudden announcements of special sales. Yet.

  5. The secretary at Saint Mark’s Episcopal in Erie drives a HHR. She likes it except for the small windows and the lower heater vent does not keep her feet warm in winter.

  6. She likes it except for the small windows

    Yes, the small windows (and the rental car’s windows are tinted, too) do make it feel a little like you’re in a mailing tube.

    Luckily, we won’t have to worry about heating our feet in this car.

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