Weekend Update

Remember that observation about “atypical pre-flight anxiety”? It turns out that not only did I forget my passport (the first time), but I also neglected to pack my black clergy shirts. I did bring my blue striped shirt (I want to assure Margaret) which I will wear this morning, but my black shirts are hanging in my bedroom where I had left them prominently where I’d be sure not to miss them.
My panel begins in a few minutes; I’m packing up my stuff and wandering down to the Brucknerhaus to set up my presentation. Here’s my hotel-room view of the Danube:

Danube from the Arcotel

If you’re on European time, or an American insomniac, you can catch the webcast here. It’s an intensely professional set-up; I’d expect the stream will be very good. I mean, apart from what I’m actually saying.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I’m sure “Revolver” was simply a Beatles reference. If he starts to go on about Maxwell’s silver hammer, then I’d be worried. And if Maxwell’s demon should appear, well — run for your life!

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