Meet Me In Missouri

No, please, don’t — it’s a retreat center out in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t have a long visit anyway. But it’s great to see Ralph McMichael, who brought me out here; and I got to see baby Harper Benko (along with her mom and dad). And Bishop Smith quoted Frank Weston to close his address to the clergy, and he indicated that he collects and restores fountain pens. Now, that’s a bishop!
Tomorrow I have three addresses to give, then I get to collapse in a heap.

3 thoughts on “Meet Me In Missouri

  1. Which retreat center were you at?

    I do miss colleagues in Missouri, although I’m very happy here in OK. Maybe we can lure you down here sometime. . .

  2. I’m not sure the official name of the retreat center, Emily; it was a Marianist center southwest of the city, near the Meramec River, run by a Dominican sister. That’s all I noticed.
    We had a great time, though — I was really pleased that they were so engaged and so open to my perspective.

  3. I think I know which one it was, although I’ve never been there. Always sounded nice, though.

    Bishop Ed did ask us to give him names of people to bring to Oklahoma for clergy conferences. . .

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