Points North

I’m off to Massachusetts for a few days — first to Boston for the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting (I’ll be responding to Dale Martin’s Pedagogy of the Bible and Phil Rolnick’s Person, Grace, and God, looking at books, schmoozing, and talking to people about jobs). I won’t have tons of time to check in with Beantown bloggers or guildmates (or fountain pen stores), but I might be able to meet up on Tuesday afternoon — hard to be sure.
Then off to Nantucket, to spend Thanksgiving with my mother and her family. It will be the first Thanksgiving that Si’s fiancée Laura spends with the extended Tuttle family). Then, back to Durham.
Speaking of Boston bloggers, David posted two terrific links yesterday: one, to Mimi Ito’s research report on teenagers online (Whaddaya know? They’re not going to hell in a handbasket after all) and the other to Monty Python’s conceding that they can’t beat YouTube, so they’re making their presence official.
You know that old Bob and Ray line — “write if you get work”? I’ll write if I get bandwidth and have energy. A job would be a nice plus, but I won’t make my blogging contingent thereupon.

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