The ring around the bathroom washbasin means that Pippa’s hair is now some shade of purple. She hasn’t descended yet, so I haven’t seen the corpus dilecti, but I’m sure it will be fine. I think her ordinary hair color is exquisite, but if she wants purple for a few weeks I don’t mind. Photographic evidence will follow, I’m sure.
And, shamed by Halley and Dave and Pippa herself (who has been running laps around East Campus lately), I got up early and ran-walked halfway around the Duke running path this morning. I remember the first metabolic change in my life, when I suddenly could no longer eat whatever I wanted and still not gain weight. I’m coming to terms with the second great metabolic change, when I can no longer run to catch a bus, or lope upstairs, without my legs feeling leaden and my lungs straining. I acknowledged this change back in the fall, when my cholesterol reults came back; now I’m beginning Phase Two of my resistance-to-inertia initiative. Plus, I know that however disheartening my job situation may be, exercise and fresh air will always make a positive difference in my outlook. So watch out — the ungainly professor lumbering along the path might be me.

2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Just a word of encouragement. Keep at it! a couple of years ago I took up running after too many years of being fat and sedentary sitting in a church office. It has saved me. Pick a race and set it as a goal to train for–it helps get you out when you’d rather stay inside. My wife began running with me lat year and we ran the Maui half marathon together. It was the best time in a long time. At 50 I understand about the changes. Running can help overcome them (a bit).

  2. I joined a Y this year and have been alternating time on the recumbent bikes, rowing machine, and strength machines, and am, for the first time in my life, really enjoying it. The Y has some motivational tools which I also find helpful.

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