Weekend Update

Leaving in just a few minutes for Freedom to Connect. Pippa and I have stocked up on CDs (our current car doesn’t have an “Aux” input for our iPods) of music and spoken word. Snacks, seltzer, paper towels, check.
While Pippa participated in church school, I spent some time on the Invocation for the Internet; the discourses of liturgy and digital connectivity have uncomfortably little overlap, and I decline to indulge in parodic piety (cheap laughs aren’t worth trivializing). It’s a work-in-progress, if that’s not too pretentious a thing to say about fifty words of vocatory rhetoric, but I’m sure I’ll want to continue polishing it hereafter.
The sun is out, the roads should be pretty manageable, and we’re nourished with spiritual food. See you, as they say, on the flip side.

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