Beginning Of The New Beginning

On Saturday, Josiah performed and defended his Senior Plan at Marlboro. Margaret took the train up from Baltimore and reports that the performance was “fab”; evidently his examiners agreed, because his Plan has been approved. He’s now set for graduation in May, and his commencement ceremony will conclude with a valediction from a homeless theologian (last Friday, Marlboro’s president asked me to say the concluding non-prayer-thing). After that, it’ll be time for him to marry Laura (finally) in June.
I’m not sure how long everyone will be in Chicago to celebrate the wedding, but some of our friends and relations may want to check out this exhibition.

6 thoughts on “Beginning Of The New Beginning

  1. Hurray! I must say what impressed me even more was that Margaret went all the way north to be there!

  2. Oh boy! When are we going? I’ll be in Chi Thurs-Mon. This will be ALMOST as much fun as the wedding itself!

  3. Any chance you’ll be in Chicago – and available – on the morning of June 6? There’s an ordination gig goin’ on that day, and it would be great to see you!

  4. Congratulations to y’all, but especially to Josiah since he did most of the heavy lifting 🙂

    Marlboro is a special place, so it’s especially cool that you’re doing the bendediction (that’s what you call an ending benediction, right?). Have a wonderful time.

  5. Thanks, David. It’s strictly a valediction, not a benediction — I’m bidding them farewell, not blessing ’em (Marlboro being firmly non-sectarian). But we’re looking forward to a truly wonderful weekend up there.

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