Planning Ahead For Homelessness

Margaret and I had a short conversation just now about the summer. We’re trying to figure out what to do beginning in June, when our lease (and our contracts) runs out: what to do with our stuff, whether to look for an apartment in Baltimore (maybe not, since she may not have a full-time position and her current rooming option would be more affordable, but what about Pippa and me then), with whom we (or one of us) could spend a little time to save on rent or hotels. And it’s still mathematically possible that full-time jobs might turn up for both of us, taking us from relative penury to relative luxury. It’s more than slightly surreal, however, to be planning ahead to be broke and homeless.

8 thoughts on “Planning Ahead For Homelessness

  1. Blessing as the rad might get harder ahead.

    I may be in the same position at the end of the year so I understand the level of anxiety and self-questioning and self-doubt that it can raise.

  2. We’ve been thinking of you two lately. I don’t suppose that adjunct writing instruction might be a possibility, barring more appropriate and heartening offers? It’s certainly beneath you, but you have plenty of experience in teaching essays and argumentation. Just a thought.

  3. I can upgrade to a 2-bedroom for $500 more a month, but you need to tell me quick. And we all might need to put some of our books in temporary storage…

  4. If you need a place to stay in SF, I have two super-comfy couches that can be yours as long as you need ’em, any time.

  5. Having been homeless and without work for over a year (at the time a single mother of an infant, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old), I can tell you it builds empathy. Not the worst thing in the world. Certainly nothing anyone would choose, though. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I add the offer of my guest room. Fear not.

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