One Intensity To Another

The Traveling Adams rolled into Durham late last evening, cramped and weary and malnourished from days on the road, but still very happy about the fantastic wedding weekend and the rich conversations with dear friends and family. Did I say how sweet Si and Laura were? And how marvelous it was to share exhilarated celebration with such a convivial crowd of wedding guests? If I did, I can’t have emphasized enough what a tremendous occasion it was. Truly, the world was healed in at least some little ways by the goodness and love that poured forth from this weekend.

Laura and Si Rehearsing Vows

Then, when I woke up this morning, I was startled to see an email note that raised the active job prospects total to two (it had been resting at “one,” because I incorrectly thought that one of them had expired). I’m currently in the mix, therefore, for two possible positions (one more academic, one more pastoral), neither of which is located in Baltimore or Durham. So we have to pack up everything here in Durham, store them in Sarah and Clay’s garage, couch-surf for a few weeks while these job processes process themselves, then move the Stuff to a location to be determined, and begin working on the shape of life without Pippa (who’ll be away at school next year) and possibly with Margaret and me apart from one another for yet another year.

AKMA a/k/a Philippito

I really like this photo that Joi took of me at the wedding; it looks like me, to me.

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