So, what’s going on now in the saga of my immigration struggles? Well, yesterday I learned that Duke University’s official payroll system would not release any information about my pay without an actual physical signature on a form, which they would then process for several days, and then would send me to arrive sometime next week. That would be great information, but later than ideal, and they would brook no shortcuts. So I called the Div School directly, where the staff recognized my voice, and leapt into action on my behalf. Now, they don’t have records of my precise deductions and all, but they can send a letter from the payroll office of the school stating that I was in fact paid what my contract says I was paid. I’m thinking that that will suffice, when combined with my bank attesting that Duke made direct deposits of the (lower, post-deductions) proportion of my salary, and the contract that indicates what my salary was destined to be.
If anyone knows that these will not suffice to persuade the Home Office, please let me know before I send in my application Thursday!

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  1. possibly not in scotland.

    i do not know (where know = know) that these things will not suffice, but i do know (where know = empirical knowledge i.e. personal experience managing an american public university academic department) that the only things that do suffice absolutely in immigration situations are literally and exactly the self-same manifests specified, and no other–not the “same” information (noumenon) conveyed via other things; the (very) particular phenomena. (I phrase it thus in hopes of forestalling any “why” inquiries, as these are not fruitful regarding noumena.) i, personally, do not believe it worth it (where it = another grand, and another re-do) to risk one thursday for, say, the following one? but that’s me.

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