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So, today I dropped Margaret and Pippa off at the airport. Since I haven’t yet heard anything from the British Embassy, there’s a high likelihood that I’ll see Margaret next weekend; she has changed her plans and will return to Durham Friday. I won’t see Pippa till Christmastime, though, and that makes me choke up and miss her.
I’ve started my SBL paper on theology and popular music a dozen times, and I’ve managed to lose all the drafts during our pinball itinerary this summer. I’ll try to put together an outline and post it tonight or tomorrow.
Did I say that the British Embassy hasn’t yet acknowledged receipt of my reapplication (arrived at their office last Tuesday)?

2 thoughts on “All Things

  1. Have you spoken to Trevor on your paper topic recently? I know he just presented something recently which had similar intentions.

  2. Is it possible that someone who reads this blog knows someone who knows someone who works at the Embassy in New York? I’m not suggesting a bribe for a particular outcome–as far as I can see, there is no defensible reason for a rejection this time–but I might express my appreciation for at least acknowledging AKMA’s application. I’m thinking of molasses cookies or fudgey brownies, Grandma’s Recipe oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or an old-fashioned tomato soup cake with cream cheese frosting. I might even get Pippa to make her very dense and very moist chocolate cake with strawberry chocolate frosting.

    Just saying.

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