Two Things

One: I was having an annoying problem with my iPhone. Whenever I started listening to it, it would get only a short way into a track before it made a funny sound and skipped ahead. I suspected that somehow the files had become corrupted, but that seemed not to be true since the tracks would play uninterrupted when I selected them individually. I resolved the problem (temporarily) by just holding the iPhone in my hand while I was walking; for some reason, that seemed to eliminate the problem.
That just didn’t seem right to me, so on a hunch, I opened up the Settings panel for the iPod function. Sure enough, the “Shake to Skip” function was on, and the player was skipping ahead when I jostled the iPhone in my pocket. When I held it in my hand, I kept it steady enough that it didn’t skip. A long time ago I had turned on the “Shake to Skip” option, but it didn’t work. Since it wasn’t affecting my listening then, I didn’t turn the option off. In the interim, something — an update, or a restart, or some other factor — set the Shake function working. Problem solved, no defect.
Two: We currently bank with Bank of America, and it would be handy if they had a cooperative arrangement with a Scottish bank, so that Margaret and I could transfer money back and forth with minimal fuss and expense. Well, sure enough, they do have an alliance with Barclays Bank — but Barclays has three locations within about six blocks of one another in downtown Glasgow, but none in Partick or the West End at all. Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Although I’ve not been in years, Glasgow’s not that big a town. I don’t think it’d be too tough to get to them. Three locations within about six blocks downtown does seem unnecessary, though.

  2. Can you do online banking to solve this problem? Admittedly my transfers are all within the US, but that’s how I get money to my kids when they need it (and that’s how they pay me back too!).

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