Got To Admit

I’m feeling better about this round of visa application. Although Margaret will quickly point out that I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy, I have at least a tenuous basis for my confidence this time. When I first applied, the Embassy rejected me right away — literally the next day after they opened my file — because they spotted a defect in my application. This time, they opened my file almost a week ago and I haven’t heard a peep from them, suggesting to me that they haven’t seen any prima facie reason to turn me down.
And since I already have a job lined up, and since I’m such an innocuous sort of person (I have all my inoculations up to date), and since it’ll be such a pain in the neck for Glasgow if I’m not permitted into the country, and since I’ve very obviously learned my lesson about submissive compliance to immigration authorities, I do venture to think that this application will bear fruit. They’re probably just double-checking my bona fides, maybe taking my passport photo down to the Kinko’s around the corner to make me a laminated visa (is a visa even a separate card, or something? I’ve never seen one), or trying to get past the leopard in the disused lavatory in the cellar to open the locked file cabinet and obtain the triplicate copies of my application.

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  1. A visa’s generally just a sticky label that takes up about a page of your passport. For Australia you don’t even get that. It’s all electronic, so you don’t even get to see it. Made me kind of nervous waiting to clear immigration!

  2. Yes, mine was a page stuck into my passport, with the visa pic. that we had to travel miles to get. The green card is a bit more permanent looking, an actual little credit-card sized card.

  3. In my day (i.e. eons ago) a visa was simply a large stamper imprint on a page of my passport.

  4. I’ve had visas from Barbados and quite a few other Caribbean and European nations, and it’s usually stamped into your passport.

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